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The club holds and attends many and varied events, some of which our press officer sends to the local newspaper.  See below and side panel for all the latest  club news and previous events and publicity.


2018 June

Friendly - Braintree v Clacton IBC

Braintree v Clacton IBC 2018 

On a very fast green, more suited to Indoor Bowlers, the outdoor bowlers from Braintree found their home advantage diminished by their own club’s lightning quick surface.  It created a more even game, which saw the visitors taking advantage early on, while the home players found it hard to find the right weight for their shots, hence loosing many shots by bowling too long into the ditch. 

With six rinks of triples, Clacton took an early total shot lead overall, but this eventually changed by the end of the game, with Clacton winning on four rinks and losing heavily on two, giving the Braintree Team a home victory by 10 shots, with an overall score of 110 - 100 shots.

This was a most enjoyable day with a good friendly atmosphere and plenty of goodwill banter adding to this annual club friendly.


2018 July

Fixed Jack

Fixed Jack FinalistsOn a day more suited to having a nice long ice-cold drink in the shade of an exotic beach, Braintree Bowling Club held their annual Singles, 4 Wood Fixed Jack competition, an internal competition only for members.  It entails a round robin set up, where players play 8 ends, with the jack being placed at minimum length at one end and maximum length at the other end.  Shots are gained by bowlers trying to get as near to the jack as possible, without moving it.  If the jack is moved, then the jack is replaced back on its original starting point.  Because of the unusual low number of participants, there were 4 teams of 3 players who played each other to see who won their game by scoring the most shots.  Then in the semi-finals the winners of each team were drawn against one of the other winners, to go through to the final.

This type of competition brings out the best in players who are good at drawing the bowls close to the jack.  The spectators were not disappointed with any of the games, as each challenger produced some extremely tight heads throughout the whole competition.

The players who made it through to the semi-finals were, Carl Cheetham who was narrowly beaten by Eddie Hawkins and Tony Heales who was the victor in his game against George Carter.  After 7 ends in the Final game, the shot difference was too great for Eddie Hawkins to win the match and victory went to Tony Heales.  To make victory a little sweeter for Tony, it was his first ever Internal Club competition win.

Finalists - Eddie Hawkins (left) and Tony Heales (Right)