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The club holds and attends many and varied events, some of which our press officer sends to the local newspaper.  See below and side panel for all the latest  club news and previous events and publicity.


2019 April

Club Centenary Day

Tuesday 30th April marked the actual celebrations of Braintree Bowling Club’s Centenary Day. 

Centenary Roll Up Players

Past, present and new members, numbering over 100, gathered at the club for an afternoon of competitive club member bowls, followed by an enjoyable wine and cheese evening.

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During the early evening festivities, three life members - Anne Beale, Una Gill and Malcolm Stark, unfurled and hoisted the newly purchased Centenary flag. 

Centenary Flag

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This event marks another historical legacy which will be handed down from present members to future participants of bowls at the Club.


June100 Bowls Layout

Braintree B.C. v Bowls England - Centenary Celebration  


 Flowers for EBA Match

Following on from the Braintree Bowling Club's Centenary Day event in April, the club hosted a friendly match against Bowls England on Thursday 20th June. This was the second time that England Bowls Association had honoured the club by attending one of its anniversary celebrations.

The first was in 1994 when the club celebrated their 75th Anniversary, giving good account of themselves by winning on one rink, drawing on one rink and losing on two rinks with only 18 overall shots between the two teams. The very experienced national bowlers included many celebrities, namely Michael Swatland (EBA Senior Vice-President), Roy Peacock, George Firmin and Mel Hughes (England Team Manager and TV Bowls Commentator).

Braintree players on this 75th Anniversary Day were: F. Morgan, W. Whates, A. Brown, B. Simpson, P. Kelly, M. Riordan, K. Collett, C. Rowling, W. Cowell, A. Stewart, L. Dalton, R. Lovell, R. Moore, B. Wyatt, N. Barrett, R. Barnard, J. Wooding and B. Hayward.

Starting EquipmentThe warm, sunny weather on this Centenary Day was more in keeping for bowling than on the overcast, windy 75th Anniversary Day. There was good bowling on the 6 pristine rinks, appreciated by the bowlers and spectators alike. The result was a win for the hosts with an overall difference of 28 shots, narrowly beating the EBA score by 2 shots, winning on 4 rinks to the visitors winning on 2 rinks.

Braintree players taking part were :- G. Lowe, E. Hawkins, L. Hopkins, R. Dodd, D. Hart, V. Taylor, V. Cole, A. Beatty, C. Long, K. Rixon, G. Costin, M. Stark, O. Hawkins, D. Grice, D. Hunt, G. Easterbrook, I. Norgett, P. Costin, T. Heales, J. Kodz, J. Laidlaw, D. Fennelly, J. Heffernan and P. Stowe.


EBA BBC Teams Members of the EBA Team & Braintree Bowling Club

EBA Pennant to AndyThe 6 England Bowls Teams travelled from different counties across England, including Bedfordshire, Royal County of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Northumberland, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Surrey and Yorkshire.


After the match, a meal was prepared for all the players and some visiting supporters, followed by speeches, toasts and presentations of memorabilia to other parties including the greenkeepers, bar staff and meal serving ladies.


The EBA President, Hazel Marke congratulated Braintree Bowling Club members for a splendid competitive and welcoming day and presented a Bowls England 2019 Pennant to the Braintree Club Chairman, Andy Beatty.


CMBL Presidents Day - Centenary Celebration

There was yet another prestigious Centenary match hosted by Braintree Bowling Club, on Thursday, 27th June against the Central Midweek Bowling League President's Teams.

CMBL Presidents Team

CMBL Paul and GillThe day began with a spider bowl (a toy spider with a jack under it) placed in the middle of the green and all the players stand around the edge of the green and bowl at the spider when a bell is rung. The winner is the player who gets the nearest to the spider jack, in this instance Gill Costin, who won a bottle of whiskey.

The weather was excellent and produced some good bowling on the well-prepared pristine greens, with teams of 4 players on 6 rinks.  What made this match noteworthy is that a member of Braintree Bowling Club, Paul Costin is currently the CMBL President and is the first from the club to hold this position.

Picture: Gill Costin, Winner of Spder Bowl and Paul Costin, CMBL President.

This match gave several new and experienced bowlers a chance to play against some of the past and present top bowlers of this CMBL organisation, including members of local clubs within the area.  Braintree players taking part were: Tony Day, Donna Fennelly, Rob Jones, Eddie Hawkins, Eric Hockley, Olive Hawkins, Gordon Currie, Albie Ayres, John Vandome, Sylvia Spratling, John Laidlaw, Gill Costin, Joan Day, Peter Stowe, Veronica Taylor, Keith Rixon, David Davies, Graham  Michaels, Jan Kodz, Ian Rubens, Nita Watson, David Grice, Dave Barker and Tony Heales.  The overall winners of the match were the CMBL visitors.

CMBL Paul CostinThere was an excellent meal in the clubhouse with speeches and toasts, and praise given to the organisers, executives, players, greenkeepers, bar staff and serving ladies. 

Picture: CMBL President Speech.


The players of Braintree Bowling Club can now look forward to hosting the Essex Executives match on Sunday, 7th July and playing the Royal Household at Windsor on Saturday, 13th July.



Essex County Bowling Executives - Centenary Celebration

Braintree Bowling Club hosted another Centenary Celebration match on Sunday, 7th July, against the Essex County Bowls Executives.

Essex Exec

Playing on six rinks of four players, the home team took advantage of their knowledge of the greens, by leading in the first 5 ends on all six rinks.  However, the visiting executives gradually came to grips with the running of the greens and started to put pressure on their host's early lead.  As the matches progressed, the visitors took the lead on all rinks except one, played on by the Braintree Club's Chairman Andy Beatty, Jan Kodz, Tom Rackley and Gill Costin.  This situation remained throughout the match, with an overall shot score of 149 to the visitors and 91 shots to the hosts. 

An after-match meal followed the games, with speeches, presentations and praise from both County and Club Chairmen to players, catering staff and helpers.

Braintree players taking part were:

Albie Ayres, Les Crow, Lyndon Hopkins, Rob Doleman

Jan Kodz, Tom Rackley, Gill Costin, Andy Beatty

Dave Davies, Olive Hawkins, Keith Rixon, Richard Dodd

Barbara Taylor, Dave Barker, Eddie Hawkins, Tony Heales

Dave Threadgold, Ian Norgett, Carl Cheetham, Malcolm Stark

Danielle Gibbons, Graham Michaels, Vic Cole and Josh Heffernan.