Random Pairs Winners


Random Pairs (Ladies) 2019


Barbara Taylor and Gill Costin (Winners) 

Sandra Mayne and Pauline Green (Finalists)


Random Pairs (Open) 2019

  Random Open Pairs

Left - Peter Stow and Andy Beatty (Winners),

Right - Donna Fennelly and Carl Cheetham (Finalists)


Random Pairs (Ladies) 2018

  Random Ladies Pairs

Back Row - Gill Costin and Donna Fennelly (Winners) 

Front Row - Nita Watson and Danielle Gibbons (Finalists)


Random Pairs (Open) 2018

  Random Open Pairs

Left - Roy Etheridge and Vic Cole (Winners),

Right - David Grice and Lyndon Hopkins (Finalists)


Random Pairs (Ladies) 2017

  Random Ladies Pairs

Left - Rita Dodd and Joy Jowett (Finalists),

Right - Gill Costin and Nita Watson (Winners)


Random Pairs (Open) 2017

  Random Pairs

Left - Richard Dodd and Les Crowe (Winners),

Right - Keith Rixon and Jan Kodz (Finalists)


Random Pairs 2016


Runner Up

Martin Spencer2 Random Pairs

Carl Cheetham and Donna Law

Martin Spencer and Keith Rixon

(Picture Martin Spencer)

Carl Cheetham and Donna Law


Random Pairs 2015


Runners Up

 Josh Heffernan Ian Norgett-Random Pairs  Keith Rixon Andy Beatty-Random Pairs

Josh Heffernan and Ian Norgett

Keith Rixon and Andy Beatty

Josh Ian Keith Andy-Random Pairs



Random Pairs (Gents) 2014


Runners Up

 Dave Hart Dave Barker-Random Pairs  Ernie Sutton-2 Wood Pairs

Dave Hart & Dave Barker

Les Crow and

Ernie Sutton (Picture)




Random Pairs (Ladies) 2014


Runners Up

 Pat Hart Olive Hawkins-Random Pairs  Donna Law Sylvia Spratling-Random Pairs

Pat Hart and Olive Hawkins

Donna Law and Sylvia Spratling