Friendly - Braintree v Visually Impaired Bowlers - May 2016

Visually Impaired Bowlers 2016Braintree & Witham Times - May 2016

Friendly - Braintree versus VIBE

The annual friendly charity match with Braintree Bowling Club versus the Visually Impaired Bowlers team got off to a good start at Braintree's Clare Road venue, which eventually saw the home club running out winners on three rinks to one.

Unfortunately, the visitors were unable to field their best teams, as several of their top players were in Israel, playing and training in preparation for the Rio de Janeiro Para Olympics.

The skill of the partially sighted players present was astounding.  Using just vocal instructions from their skips and a fine stringed guideline through the centre of the rink, they were able to judge distances, bias angles and weight, to bowl their bowls onto either the jack or just a few inches from this target.  Anyone who has played bowls or is still a player will have the greatest admiration for such players.

Not only was this a pleasurable annual event, it also created much-needed donations for Visually Impaired Bowls England (VIBE).  At the after match meal, both Captains praised the competitors for their sportsmanship and friendliness on and off the rinks.  The VIBE Captain stated that Braintree Bowling Club had raised £192 for VIBE, which added to Braintree’s accumulated donations over the past competitive years, amounted to £980 for this worthy fund.

Eddie Hawkins - Press Officer Braintree Bowling Club