Fixed Jack - August 2016

Fixed Jack Players 2016Braintree & Witham Times - August 2016

Fixed Jack Competition

With the present outdoor bowling season slowly coming to a close, Braintree Bowling Club put on its annual Fixed Jack competition. 

This comprised of 4 Leagues of five individual members playing singles against one another, over six ends on the rinks, with one jack being permanently placed short at one end and a full-length jack at the other.  The winners gain 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and nothing when they lose.  If there is a points tie at the end of four games, then the amount of shots they have accrued will define the winner – the one who has accumulated the most differential shots.

Because the jack is in a fixed position throughout the whole match, the game is more suited to the astute player   who can draw their bowl on to the jack, rather than trying to hit the jack.  If the jack is hit, it is then replaced on its original mark on the green, hence the fixed jack.

With this type of drawing play, several experienced players became victim to this subtle, accurate bowling regime and were eliminated from the competition in the early and semi-final stages of the competition.

Fixed Jack Finalists 2016
The finalists Martin Law and Richard Dodd, played their final over 8 ends, which saw Richard Dodd taking a slim early lead.

This lead was never taken away from him over the first seven ends, but on the final bowling end,  he was hanging onto a 2 shot  lead, which Martin Law clawed back to be level,  with just one bowl left to Richard to deliver.  Richard chose his line and weight to the nth degree, which saw his shot nestle between Martin's shot and the jack for the winning shot of the competition.  

Picture: Richard Dodd (Left) and Martin Law (Right)  

Eddie Hawkins - Press Officer Braintree Bowling Club