Club, League & County Successes - September 2016

Braintree & Witham Times - September 2016

Braintree Bowling Club Success in County, League and Club Internal Matches

Press Release – 11/09/16

As Braintree Bowling Club’s outdoor bowls season draws to a close, the club teams and individual  players will now start to reflect on their progress and success over the past six months of competitions.

Martin SpencerOne outstanding player this past season for Braintree has been Martin Spencer, who not only had an overwhelming success within the internal club competitions, but also showed his outstanding prowess, bowling at County level. Joining Braintree BC this season from Dunmow BC, he has introduced another level of quality play and ability, that has enhanced many of the present competing club player’s level of play.

In the internal club competitions, Martin Spencer, this weekend won all four competitions that he had entered, with one more internal match to be played next weekend. While in the Ladies competitions, Gill Costin proved herself the best club lady's champion bowler, coming away with two Winning trophies and a Runners-Up prize. It was also good to see players who have just been introduced to the club's championships, benefitting in playing against County class players and giving a good account of themselves.

The best matches on the day were in the Nicholls Two Wood, where prolific club and county champion, Martin Law, was given a very close game against Carl Cheetham, who has been developing into a very accomplished bowler over the two seasons he has been playing. The other game of note, came in the last competition of the weekend when Dave Hunt, a quality County player and his partner Olive Hawkins, who is in her third bowling competitive year, were beaten by one shot on the last end of the Self-Select Pairs, to Malcom Stark and Vic Cole, two vastly experienced County and National Competition players. 

The results of the internal Club games played were:

Sandra Mayne  Chris Beatty - Ladies Novice FinalRANDOM PAIRS - Martin Spencer and Keith Rixon beat Donna Law and Carl Cheetham – 28 shots to 10 shots

MATHERS CUP - Martin Spencer beat Ian Norgett - 26 shots to 14 shots

VETERANS CUP - Martin Spencer beat Andy Beatty - 22 shots to 10 shots

NICHOLLS/TAYLOR 2 WOODS CUP - Martin Law beat Carl Cheetham by two shots on the extra end after a drawn 21 ends (15shots each)

DYSON CUP (Ladies Champion) - Gill Costin beat Olive Hawkins 21 shots to 13 shots

THE LOVING CUP - Graham Easterbrook & Ronnie Taylor beat Paul Costin and Gill Costin - 21 shots to 16 shots

McCORMICK CUP (Ladies Novice) - Sandra Mayne beat Chris Beatty - 21 shots to 16 shots

KEITH HUNT CUP - Martin Spencer beat Josh Heffernan on the final 3rd round by 2 shots

NOVICES CUP (Gents) - Richard Dodd beat Barry Jowlett - 21 shots to 6 shots

SELF-SELECT PAIRS - Malcolm Stark & Vic Cole beat Olive Hawkins & Dave Hunt – 26 shots to 25 shots

SENIOR LADIES - Gill Costin beat Ronnie Taylor – 21 shots to 5 shots

(Picture - Sandra Mayne, Left and Chris Beatty, McCormick Cup)


Another area of success for the club was in the number of players who gained recognition at County and League representation level.

In the Senior County Games, eleven club members will have represented Essex over the past season. These members were: Malcolm Stark, Lyndon Hopkins, Martin Law, Dave Lee, Graham Easterbrook, Andy Beatty, Albie Ayres, Brian Taplin, Richard Dodd, Chris Long, Martin Spencer and Joss Heffernan.  While in the younger age groups, 16 year old Aiden Neale, gained his County honours.

In the North West Essex Bowling Association, Olive Hawkins (5 games) and Eddie Hawkins (6 games) gained their NWEBA badges, While Jan Kodz, playing in his second representative season, gained valuable experience at this level.

Games to be still played:

Double Fours County Competition Proper - Braintree 'A' versus Bournemouth Park 'A'

Hunnable Cup - Internal Club competition - Martin Spencer versus Graham Easterbrook.


Eddie Hawkins - Press Officer Braintree Bowling Club