Potters Resort - February 2017

Braintree Bowling Club's Secretary, Richard Dodd, organised an excellent morale and Potters Resort Feb 2017team building five day, competitive bowling break at Potters Resort in Norfolk.  All the 24 players had support from friends and spouses, who also attended Potters.

Most of the Braintree six teams of four were outdoor players, a major disadvantage when it comes to adjusting your weight and line in delivering the bowls on a much faster surface than grass. Despite the disadvantage, the players adjusted to the differences and played extremely well under the circumstances.

Due to the number of players, 64 teams from all over England, game play was over 12 ends or 90 minutes.  Braintree Bowling Club kept a good record in the preliminary group rounds, with two teams just missing reaching the final 16 teams in the competition.

Potters Braintree TeamHowever, one Braintree team, made up of Olive and Eddie Hawkins and Gill and Paul Costin, won an automatic place into the last 16 teams.  They won all their group games, with an overall total difference of 41 shots, beating Worthen Brockton (20 shots to 3 shots), Hempstead Bowling Club (22 shots to 6 shots), Chalkwell (11 shots to 7 shots) and Buntingford (11 shots to 7 shots).

The last 16 team games had a duration of only 8 ends or 60 minutes, but unfortunately the shorter game durations, impeded the ability of the Braintree players to get on top of their game and they lost by a narrow margin to Billinghurst Bowling Club from Sussex (7 shots to 10 shots).

With this team building, pre-season competition under their belts, all the players involved can look forward to the new outdoor season starting in April.

Eddie Hawkins - Press Officer Braintree Bowling Club