Gala Day - August 2017


Gala Day 2017The inauguration of Braintree Bowling Club's Mixed Gala Day to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support was a great success, not only for the funds raised, but also the camaraderie and fun generated by the players of mixed ability within the Club.

The format consisted of eight teams of Mixed Triples playing 6 ends over 3 games, with the accumulated shots scored from these three games denoting the winning team.  To raise funds during these matches, an adjudicator observed any infringements that would carry a 50p fine towards the charity funds.  These breaches of the rules on the day included hitting the jack, putting the jack or bowls in the ditch, wrong bias, any unworthy behaviour on the green and any other wrong doings warranting a fine in the adjudicators opinion.  Many misdemeanours went unobserved, but over the two hours on the greens, a total of £52 in fines was accumulated.

After an excellent buffet, laid on by the ladies of the Club, there were several fun presentations to teams and individuals, plus a raffle and an auction, which in turn added further money for the deserved Macmillan contributions.  There was also an announcement that whatever funds were raised on the day, Braintree Bowling Club would double that amount.  This resulted in a total net profit of £420 (Members £210 + £210 from the club).

Hopefully, this will become a regular fixture in the Clubs itinerary over the coming seasons.

The photo shows the attending players, plus officials and supporters of the club.


Gala Day 2017 Cheque PresentationFollowing the Gala Day, Braintree Bowling Club players added a further £80 from a roll- up evening, to increase funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, bringing the club’s contribution to a grand total of £500 for this worthy cause.

Andy Beatty, the Club's Chairperson presented the cheque to Kim Harmour, the local Macmillan Cancer Support Treasurer, who in turn, praised the efforts of all the Bowling Club members for their generous contributions.

Presentation of a cheque from Andy Beatty to Kim Harmour.

Eddie Hawkins - Press Officer Braintree Bowling Club